There seems to be no limit to the prices in Fancy Diamonds. The brilliant Fancy Pink Diamond known as the Pink Star fetched a hammer price of $63 million before the added buyer’s premium at Sotheby’s recent Hong Kong sale. The Pink Star weighs in at 59.6 carats and it is the largest flawless Fancy Pink Diamond in the world with a GIA pedigree.

While diamonds like the Pink Star may not be in everyone’s price range, the relatively steep increases in the prices of Fancy Diamonds is something to think about when you are creating a custom piece of jewelry.

Fancy yellow Diamond ring

Custom Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring by John Sabet

Charleston Alexander specializes in custom jewelry in Washington DC. One of the reasons our customers come to us is we also specialize in diamonds and Fancy Diamonds. We bring these stones in in bulk in order to get the very best prices and diamonds for our customers.

If you love gems and jewelry, you probably consider the value of your pieces in addition to their beauty. This latest sale of the Pink Star in Hong Kong is just part of a larger trend for Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamond auction house prices like the Pink Star create demand for all Fancy Diamonds. We think this is a lasting trend and something you should consider when you are designing any custom piece of jewelry.

fancy yellow diamonds

Pink and blue fancy diamonds have seen the greatest steady increase in value per carat over the last ten years. Depending on the size, color, cut and clarity of the stone, these stones have shown a sharp increase in value- as much as a 450% increase over the last ten years. Fancy Diamonds are very rare and the demand for them is intense. What is not as commonly publicized is that Fancy Yellow Diamonds have also increased substantially in value over the last ten years- by as much as 135% depending again on the characteristics of the stone. While colorless diamond prices have also increased, the increases are comparatively modest simply because colorless diamonds are more widely available. However, even with colorless diamonds there are numerous factors that can dramatically influence the cost of the stone. For example, all things being equal, a diamond that is just under two carats will sell for significantly less than a stone that is two carats.

raw diamonds

Raw Diamonds at Charleston Alexander


All of the little details related to your diamond- whether you are buying a fancy diamond or not- will dramatically influence the long-term value of your custom piece of jewelry. At Charleston Alexander, you are not only purchasing a one-of-a kind piece of art, you are also acquiring the years of knowledge we have when it comes to pricing and valuing diamonds. Diamonds and diamond prices are the backbone of our business so we are able to estimate their potential better than most jewelers. We give this knowledge freely to our customers and it is one of the main reasons we have so many repeat customers. Our custom jewelry is exquisite but it also makes financial sense.