Custom jewelry isn’t only for women. Men’s custom jewelry offers men interesting and unique pieces to fit their personal sense of style. Custom jewelry for men makes a large impact. Here are a few reasons to consider designing a custom men’s ring:

  • * Comfort
  • * Materials
  • * Unique style & meaning


John Sabet Custom Men’s Ring: Comfort REALLY IS Important

Most men agree that comfort ranks at the top of the list when it comes to buying a ring or any piece of jewelry. Men have a low threshold for tolerating anything uncomfortable. For example, when was the last time you saw men walking around in high heels?

A comfortable ring is a product of matching styling and balance to the size and shape of a man’s hand and fingers. Mens’ fingers come in many shapes and sizes, making it more difficult to find a manufactured ring that really fits well. This is extremely important, especially when it comes to a ring a man in likely to wear every day- like his wedding ring.

A custom ring by John Sabet is especially designed for you. It will fit perfectly and the size and the shape of the ring will be engineered to match your fingers.

mens custom ring

Burl Wood & Titanium Band
Design By John Sabet

Custom Rings = Interesting Materials

Mens’ manufactured rings are designed to appeal to the mass market. Unfortunately, Jewelry designers largely focus on women not men. So if you are looking for a particular stone and metal combination, finding it in a ring you like can be impossible. A custom men’s ring by John Sabet lets you the choose exactly the materials you want. There is no need to compromise- ever.

 antler and turquoise tungsten band

Antler & Turquoise Tungsten Band
Design By John Sabet

Unique Style & Meaning: Men’s Custom Rings

John Sabet has a passion for jewelry design that stems from a love and admiration for superior gemstones. John brings this knowledge (and inventory) to his customers to create custom rings that are unique and memorable. There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a piece of jewelry that really expresses who a man is and what he is all about. John understands this and he works closely with every customer to create the perfect custom design.


opal and 18k mens ring

Opal & Diamonds In 18kt Gold
Design By John Sabet