If you can imagine it… Sabet can design it. At Charleston Alexander John Sabet designs custom made engagement rings to match your unique design specifications. Choose from thousands of diamonds and any combination of metals to create a design that is uniquely your own.

Custom made Jewelry ::


Creating your own custom made engagement ring allows you to select the perfect certified loose diamond and the perfect custom created engagement setting. From classic to vintage engagement rings, our selection of designer engagement settings is incredible. Charleston Alexander can cusom create your dream ring using CAD/CAM technology showing you exactly what you will be getting, no surpises and no dissapointments just 100% satisfaction on you unuiqe custom ring.

Custom Diamond Pendants ::


Custom create your diamond solitair pendant or your diamond halo pendant.  Select your setting, then select your diamond, and now you have a Magnificent Diamond Pendant!

3 Stone Rings ::


Creating your own three-stone engagement ring allows you to select the perfect set of certified loose diamonds to be held in the perfect three-stone mounting. From classic to vintage styles, our selection of beautiful three-stone settings is extensive...

Custon Diamond Earrings ::


Diamond Stud Earrings at Charleston Alexander, we have thousands of hand selected diamonds to choose from to create perfectly matched diamond stud earrings. When you purchse a pair of diamond stud earrings from Charleston Alexander you can trade-in  your Charleston Alexander diamond stud earrings any time to get 100% value towards your new pair, just pay the difference of the new diamond studs you select from our increadable in-stock inventory.