We have all seen the diamond shape charts- there are so many amazing diamond shapes to choose from- Pear, Heart, Oval, Asscher, Marquise, and Emerald… A custom engagement ring is the best way to set these wonderful stones. Trying to buy a manufactured ring with a uniquely shaped diamond significantly limits your choices. This is one of the best reasons to decide to make a custom engagement ring.


Unique Diamond Shapes: Charleston Alexander has Knowledge and Experience

John Sabet, the owner of Charleston Alexander, grew up in a family of diamond wholesalers. John knows diamonds. Years of experience is what you want before you buy a uniquely shaped diamond. These stones are far more difficult to price and evaluate than Round of Princess cuts. In the case of Asscher and Emerald, the aesthetic is also very different. Pear and Marquise can be fat or thin and proportions and symmetry are extremely important in these stones. Creating a custom engagement ring lets you use the years of knowledge we have to help you train your eye. Then you can choose exactly the right diamond for your ring and budget.

pear shaped diamond ring

Uniquely Shaped Diamonds Really Shine With a Custom Setting

A uniquely shaped diamond can be remarkable when placed in the right setting and these diamonds almost demand special treatment. People will notice your diamond because it is unusual. That level of being different makes a custom setting essential for creating the right balance and proportions between the stone, the setting and the shape of your fingers. Custom designs are more expensive, however for these stones you can literally see the difference almost immediately between an elegant custom setting that was designed to be in harmony with the diamond and a standard setting that was adapted to accommodate the shape of the stone.

 asscher diamond

Custom Jewelry is Forever


Your engagement is an expression of your unique love for each other. It is special. It is the one piece of jewelry that you will wear almost every day. Take your time in selecting the shape of your diamond and think about what you want and how you want that expression to be projected to you and to the rest of the world every day. Then come into Charleston Alexander in Falls Church, VA and let us make your vision a reality.

custom engagement ring